Tavern Talks #27 – Organized Play

This week on Tavern Talks @thejoester joins hosts Corey and James to discussed Organized Play and what could make a great one.https://www.twitter.com/thejoester/https://www.tiktok.com/@dmjoester3dprintinghttps://www.instagram.com/the._joester/http://twitch.tv/tehjoesterhttps://www.twitter.com/thejoester/

MTN #2: Hand of the Hanataz

This coming week on Misfit Tuesday Nights, Corey brings you a very special game from the Wy'rded World of Zyathé, The Hand of the Hanataz. Gameplay uses the Deck of Perilous Fortuity, a card set found only in Zyathé. Thanks to the Goo at Gooey Cube for sharing this with us.Tuesday 11/30 at 7P Mountain … Continue reading MTN #2: Hand of the Hanataz

The Affordables on Hiatus

The Affordables are on hiatus until after the new year to allow DM James time to look after his health as well as give everyone time to spend with family over the holidays. That's not to say we won't be streaming on Sunday nights. We will be playing team games on Steam like Baldur's Gate … Continue reading The Affordables on Hiatus