Tavern Talks #27 – Organized Play

This week on Tavern Talks @thejoester joins hosts Corey and James to discussed Organized Play and what could make a great one.https://www.twitter.com/thejoester/https://www.tiktok.com/@dmjoester3dprintinghttps://www.instagram.com/the._joester/http://twitch.tv/tehjoesterhttps://www.twitter.com/thejoester/

MTN #2: Hand of the Hanataz

This coming week on Misfit Tuesday Nights, Corey brings you a very special game from the Wy'rded World of Zyathé, The Hand of the Hanataz. Gameplay uses the Deck of Perilous Fortuity, a card set found only in Zyathé. Thanks to the Goo at Gooey Cube for sharing this with us.Tuesday 11/30 at 7P Mountain … Continue reading MTN #2: Hand of the Hanataz