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  • MatM Episode 3: The Thing From Another World
    This month’s selection is The Thing From Another World from Winchester Pictures and RKO.
  • Tavern Talks #27 – Organized Play
    This week on Tavern Talks @thejoester joins hosts Corey and James to discussed Organized Play and what could make a great one. https://www.twitter.com/thejoester/https://www.tiktok.com/@dmjoester3dprintinghttps://www.instagram.com/the._joester/http://twitch.tv/tehjoesterhttps://www.twitter.com/thejoester/
  • MTN #3: Paranoia
    Corey runs some vi…uh, volunteers, through a game of Paranoia. Tuesday, 12/7, 7P Mountain on Twitch.TV
  • Sunday Night Misfits 12/5: Merry Krampus P1
    Austin is stepping into the GM spot and taking us through a 3-part celebration of Krampus just in time for that festive season. Sunday, 12/5, 9P Eastern on Twitch.TV Watch if you dare.
  • Tavern Talks #26 – Music for Games
    Joining us on Tavern Talks this week is Weston from Arcane Anthems who curates and creates musical selections specifically to enhance your game. Wednesday, 12/1, 7p Mountain on Twitch.TV
  • MTN #2: Hand of the Hanataz
    This coming week on Misfit Tuesday Nights, Corey brings you a very special game from the Wy’rded World of Zyathé, The Hand of the Hanataz. Gameplay uses the Deck of Perilous Fortuity, a card set found only in Zyathé. Thanks to the Goo at Gooey Cube for sharing this with us. Tuesday 11/30 at 7P … Continue reading MTN #2: Hand of the Hanataz
  • Sunday Night Misfits
    Join us this Sunday night as we once again run the Gauntlet! How many times will Pam die this time? Will Matt continue to hoard all the gold? Or will Austin once again seem to save the day on repeat? Perhaps we will even have a fourth join us…. Sunday, 9P Eastern, on Twitch.TV
  • Charity Stream Results
    To all who came out to watch the stream and to donate, we say a ginourmous Thank you! Thanks to your generosity we were able to raise $2130 for Game to Grow!
  • Tavern Talks 25: Dynamic Combat
    James and Corey host Gooey Compatriot Michael Crawford on November 24th to talk about Dynamic Combat and how to bring it to your table. Join us at 9P Eastern on Twitch.tv.
  • TNM #1 : Everyone is John
    Everyone is John is a lightweight improvisational RPG where the players are all different aspects of John. Join the insanity Wednesday, November 23rd at 7P Mountain on twitch.tv.
  • The Affordables on Hiatus
    The Affordables are on hiatus until after the new year to allow DM James time to look after his health as well as give everyone time to spend with family over the holidays. That’s not to say we won’t be streaming on Sunday nights. We will be playing team games on Steam like Baldur’s Gate … Continue reading The Affordables on Hiatus
  • MatM Episode 2: Frankenstein
    Join us for discussion of Universal Picture’s 1931 release of Frankenstein.
  • Today! Sword of Yaave’ Charity One Shot
    Today is the day! Join us tonight for the Charity One Shot The Sword of Yaave’ benefittingGame to Grow 9PM Eastern on Twitch.TV Donation Link Open Now (FaceBook) We will be unlocking prizes for tonight’s viewers. The first prize unlock is at $300 and a prize will be unlocked every $50 following up to our … Continue reading Today! Sword of Yaave’ Charity One Shot
  • Happy Anniversary, Misfittens
    If you haven’t yet heard, we just celebrated our First Anniversary as an Adventuring Group. We want to give a great big shout out to GooeyCube ! It was their Wyrded World of Zyathé that brought us all together. We all came to the Goo via separate avenues, ended up connecting and gaming together over … Continue reading Happy Anniversary, Misfittens
  • Tavern Talk 24: Charity Stream Benefitting Game to Grow
    Join us November 17th at 7P Mountain for our One Shot charity fundraiser benefitting Game to Grow! Our goal is $1500. Help us help the kids.
  • Episode 30: The Beastly Battle
    The transformation of Keres weighed heavily on the companions, giving rise to ill feelings between Decimus and Es’Xefer.  Del played peacemaker, as much as he was able.  And Es’Xefer and Za’atarn shared some deep conversation during the night.  But with the rising of the sun, they headed once more towards the camp of gnolls.  Surprising … Continue reading Episode 30: The Beastly Battle
  • Coming Soon! Tuesday Night Misfits
    Something new for your Tuesday nights starting on 11/23 – Tuesday Night Misfits
  • Sword of the Yaave’
  • Tavern Talks 23: Publishing with DMs Guild
    Wednesday, November 10th, Marco Giulio Fossati joins Tavern Talks to tells us what it takes to publish with the Dungeon Masters Guild. Airs 9PM Eastern on Twitch.tv
  • 3rd Time’s a Charm
    We’re making another go at getting Episode 29 up and running despite IRLs efforts! Tomorrow night, Sunday, 11/07 at 9PM Eastern Standard Time on Twitch.tv. Hopefully we all remember to set the clocks back!
  • Tavern Talk 22: Augmented Reality in TTRPG
    UK Based GM Richard Mortimer joins us to discuss bringing Augmented Reality to your virtual TableTop and how it can enhance your game. He will also be introducing us to ARealm software and how it can contribute to this effort. Richard is a Professional GM and has been playing D&D for over thirty years. His … Continue reading Tavern Talk 22: Augmented Reality in TTRPG
  • Episode 29 of The Affordables
    Coming up this Sunday – Episode 29 of The Affordables: Off to the Gnolls We Go! Expecting more Gnolls to descend on them having already dispatched two patrols, they take the time to fortify what little “high ground” they can find. Will they find sucess? Join us Sunday night – yes, that’s Halloween – at … Continue reading Episode 29 of The Affordables
  • Charity One Shot: Sword of the Yaave’
    The Sword of the Yaave’, an ancient weapon that can cut its way through the very fabric of space and time and allow the bearer to shift between planes and worlds, has been rumored to lay in a crypt in the Jungles of Zinn. What secrets lie in the jungles waiting for those wishing to … Continue reading Charity One Shot: Sword of the Yaave’
  • Tavern Talk 21: Homebrewing
    Joining us this week on Tavern Talk to chat about homebrewing your campaign is the DM DicecreamSandwich. DicecreamSandwich runs two D&D campaigns weekly with an upcoming series of OneShots. You can find them on:TwitchInstagramYouTubeTiktok
  • Postponed: Ep 29 Off to the Gnolls We Go
    Due to real life challenges like a sick pup and uncooperative weather, we are postponing tonight’s episode of The Affordables. Instead, those who can make it will be playing Baldur’s Gate and hosting an AMA.
  • A D20 on 10/24
    Our Fabled Flame D20 Candle give away is back this Sunday, 10/24, during The Affordables. Streaming at 9p Eastern on Twitch. Be there for a chance to win!
  • Tavern Upcoming Charity Stream
    Tavern Talk will be running a Charity Stream One Shot benefiting Game to Grow on November 17th from 9P Eastern to Midnight or there abouts. You may recognize the PCs if you have been keeping up with Tavern Talk – a couple have been built on stream. Game to Grow is an organization close to … Continue reading Tavern Upcoming Charity Stream
  • The Affordables 29 – Off to the Gnolls We Go
    In an effort to save Keres’ life, Es’Xefer made a desperate bargain with a Fey.  Keres didn’t die, but he was changed … into something small and winged.  Being in dangerous territory, and missing other party members, they did not have time to figure it all out.  Meanwhile, new companion Za’atarn and Security Chief Lucas … Continue reading The Affordables 29 – Off to the Gnolls We Go
  • Here There Be Podcasts
    Were you not able to catch The Affordables one Sunday night? Don’t have time or personal bandwidth to search us out on YouTube? Fear Not! We now have Podcasts of Episodes 1 through 24 with more coming soon! “Where can me find said Podcasts?” ye might ask. An’ yer answer twould be: Podbean SpotifyiHeartRadio Amazon … Continue reading Here There Be Podcasts
  • Tavern Talk 20: Going Pro
    Episode 20 of Tavern Talks brings you Special Guest Devon M. Chulick of Start Playing Games. He joins us to talk about professional GM’ing. Airing this Wednesday, 10/20, at 9p Eastern on Twitch. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram. StartPlaying Social Media:TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
  • Episode 28: What Happens in the Woods…
    The party awoke to find the ranger Za’atarn within their ranks. He told the party he had a way to sneak into the gnoll camp. After deciding to split the party, Za’atarn, Essi, Del, and Lucas took a hidden path up the mountain while Keres, Decimus, and Kaitlyn trekked through the woods. As luck would … Continue reading Episode 28: What Happens in the Woods…
  • New Show : Misfits at the Movies
    Misfits at the Movies will be streaming every 3rd Friday of the month starting on 10/15. Join Ividia and Redthorn/Matt as Ividia introduces him to classic horror and sci-fi starting with an offering from Hammer Studios – The Horror of Dracula.
  • Episode 26: The Highway Raid
    Gathering their supplies and filling the war wagon, The Affordables left Shugenshire en route for Pendrugan. Along the road they settled down by a guard shack, and after some political banter with the guard on duty, Del received a special coin inviting the party to an underground meeting discussing the Accords. After a night of … Continue reading Episode 26: The Highway Raid
  • GenCon 2021
    As many know, GenCon 2021 officially starts tomorrow. Two-thirds of the Misfit crew is en route. What that means is that the regularly scheduled Wednesday night Tavern Talks and Sunday night The Afforadables (Late Night Gooey Adventures) will not be airing this week. If you happen to be attending Gen Con 2021 in person, you … Continue reading GenCon 2021
  • Who’s That Adventurer!?
    With all the excitement that’s been coming at the lately the Misfits are eager for a break! However it appears a new friend is on the horizon!! WHO COULD IT BE!?
  • Tavern Talks 14: Building a Paladin!
    This week on Tavern Talks we start our mini-series on deep dives for our players as they prepare for their one shot in October. Come hang out tonight as we work with Danny to flesh out his Paladin of the Ancients and come up with exciting ways to flavor up your characters. Im sure it … Continue reading Tavern Talks 14: Building a Paladin!
  • Episode 23: The Day After Ruin
    A dark shadow loomed at the hospital door. Insects swarmed at the door. Decimus and Keres took the pregnant women and the doctor to escape out the back. While Essi and Dell held off the demon. Yet even though they tried to get the women away, the demon managed to escape with one of them. … Continue reading Episode 23: The Day After Ruin
  • Tavern Talks is Moving
    Starting this week on 8/11, Tavern Talks is moving to Wednesdays at 9 PM.
  • 7/11/21 Session
    Tonight’s game session has been cancelled due to real life sucking for one of game family. Stop in and see out DM talk RPGS on Tavern Talk this Thursday.
  • Episode 20: The Day of Ruin
    Back on the road, the troupe found themselves saving a woman’s runaway wagon and soon after entertaining a caravan of halfings, soflings, and gnomes for a meal and a safe place to sleep. However, during the night, the camp was attacked by ghastly ghouls. Though the group protected the caravan, their hosts were frightened and … Continue reading Episode 20: The Day of Ruin
  • There’s something in the shadows…
    On Tavern Talk #8 , we’re talking villains, and who better to represent than Strahd himself. Come on by this week for our next episode: “There’s something in the shadows…” Our exciting panel talk about antagonists, naming them, and how to make them feel like a threat. We are also going to build a villain … Continue reading There’s something in the shadows…
  • Taking a holiday
    With all 5 of us being based in the US, and this Sunday being July 4th, we are taking the week off to allow for special family time. We will see you all back on July 11th. Wishing our US friends a safe and happy 4th of July. I’m going to pop in the Independence … Continue reading Taking a holiday
  • Where in the World do I Start?
    This week on Tavern Talks #7, “Where in the World do I start” We are excited to have Josh from Dungeon Studios and Chris returning to talk about how they start campaigns, preparation and utilizing tricks to make it easier to run their games. We might even have a 3rd guest so stay tuned…
  • LNGA 18 and TTs 5 & 6
    Videos for Late Night Gooey Adventures Episode 18 Search & Rescue, Tavern Talks #5 The Tale Still in the Telling, and Tavern Talks #6 Peaks and Valleys of a Story have all been posted to our YouTube channel.
  • Patreon now live
    We’ve recently added Patreon. There are currently two membership levels as we are getting it off the ground with more planned in the future.
  • Tavern Talks #6
    This week on Tavern Talks, “Peaks and Valleys of a Story” we talk about CH4 of the 5e DMG. We skipped over the multiverse and straight into the story. Come this week to talk NPCs, villians, tension points and more… Airing Thursday 6/24 at 10PM Eastern on Twitch.TV
  • 6/20/2021 – Bye Week
    We have a player out with illness and more taking time for the family. We will not be streaming this week. We will be returning next week and be doing the candle give away.
  • Did not burn down the town….
    Decimus got himself into trouble, again. It was late, and we were tired but we headed out there anyway with a bit of guidance from Brent. There were a lot of goblins there. The lighting of fires this time was intentional, even if Keres nearly immolated himself. It was a hard fought battle, and Sir … Continue reading Did not burn down the town….
  • LNGA 16 and more
    The Episode Guide page has been updated with YouTube links to Episodes 16 and 17 of Late Night Gooey Adventures which live streams Sunday at 9PM Eastern on Twitch.TV. Links for Tavern Talks episodes 2 through 4 have also been added. Tavern Talks live streams Thursdays at 10PM Eastern on Twitch.TV.
  • Episode 19: Dark Days Ahead
    As the party executed their plan to save Decimus, Es’Xefer fired off her bolts setting ablaze the goblin tents, while Keres fumbled about and lit his make-shift bombs forcing him to throw away his gifted weapons. Yet, after a hard fought battle and help from the Darkenhaven guards, the party prevailed! Upon investigating Decimus’ captors, … Continue reading Episode 19: Dark Days Ahead
  • D20 Candles
    Courtesy of The Fabled Flame, we have another D20 candle give away happening during this Sunday’s stream (6/20). Chat interaction increases your chances with the bot. Streaming Sunday night 9PM Eastern on Twtich.TV.
  • Tavern Talks #5
    This week on Tavern Talks, “The tale still in the telling” we talk about CH3 of the 5e DMG. We skipped over the multiverse and straight into the story. Come this week to talk storytelling, plot hooks and more.. Thursday, 10P Eastern on Twitch.TV
  • Episode 18: Search & Rescue
    Last time, the party fought a Phase Spider which nearly devoured Keres, but thanks to Essi the spider crumbled to dust. On the way out they found an obsidian dagger and heard news that Brent had been taken! In an act of foolish bravery, Decimus left the party in search of Brent while the others … Continue reading Episode 18: Search & Rescue
  • Epsode 17: The Ravenous Maw
    Last week the party set out to the abandoned mine. Within the mines, they found strange hollow gems emanating a purple aura. Moments later they were attacked by monstrous creatures that borrowed from the cave walls. After fighting them off, the group press-on until they reached a large crevasse and from its dark depths came … Continue reading Epsode 17: The Ravenous Maw
  • Ruminations of the mines….
    Still no sign of Borag. The demon spider creature was nothing to trifle with and nearly took Keres to the afterlife with a single blow. After the battle we decided the journey was untenable and had to retreat. Brent was kidnapped by goblins apparently… unsurprising for one of his “skill” level but it is most … Continue reading Ruminations of the mines….
  • “Your World, or is it…”
    This week on Tavern Talk #4, “Your World, or is it…” we talk about Chapter One of the 5E Dungeon Masters Guide and how to build a world or at least build a common understanding of the world you are running. Thursday, 6/10, 10 PM Eastern on Twitch.
  • New Episodes Up
    Now on YouTube Late Night Gooey Adventures: Episode 15: One Wagon, No Wheels Episode 15.2: Visions of Madness Tavern Talks Episode 1 AMA with the Misfits May 2021 For previous Episodes and other streamed shennanigans, check out our Episode Guide page linked above or wander through our YouTube channel. Give us follow as well!
  • Decimus’ Thoughts
    After having dealt with crazy chest bursting spiders at the local horse breeder I finally got time to lay down and rest my aching muscles. I awoke in a cold and snowy place that I was unfamiliar with. Essy and Keres were with me but we couldn’t find Del anywhere. There was an endless chasm … Continue reading Decimus’ Thoughts
  • Tavern Talk
    New Thursday night stream! Brought to you by a collaboration between our own DM James and Corey of Chrysalis Creative Endeavors, Tavern Talk is about bringing a more immersive experience to your table, whether you are the GM or a Player. Tavern Talk will be airing on our Twitch channel every Thursday night starting at … Continue reading Tavern Talk
  • Episode 16 – The Beebenshire Files
    (Scheduled to air 5/9/21 on Twitch) As the group explored Beebenshire, they ran across a young man who pleaded for help at his master’s farm. While Del and Essi went back to the Tavern, Decimus and Keres went on to investigate the farm. There they found, two ill horses with bloated bellies. Unsure of what … Continue reading Episode 16 – The Beebenshire Files
  • Fools…
    Those two are going to get themselves killed one of these days. I would like to say that I cannot believe they went out to that farm on their own, but I would be lying. Decimus carried a mostly dead Keres back. It is a good thing I opted to learn that healing spell, although … Continue reading Fools…
  • Episode 15 – All Wagon, No Wheels
    (Air date 5/2/21) The frookin tribe began their adorable assault on the group. While Decimus led with intimidation, Keres was the first to strike. Soon the party found themselves at the mercy of the cute swarm, but turn the tides just as the Keres was blinded and Del fell. With one problem solved the party … Continue reading Episode 15 – All Wagon, No Wheels
  • Episode Guide Now Live
    The Misfits have added an Episode Guide page! Use this link or the navigation link right below our header image. It’s a place to keep up with the streams and catch up on what you may have missed. The links all go to our YouTube page. We include our one offs and guest sessions as … Continue reading Episode Guide Now Live
  • Episode 14: What a Frooking Mess!
    After decimating a zombie horde in the basement of the Watch Tour, the party took off towards Beebenshire. On the way, they found a broken wagon, with footprints leading away. Without a care, they followed the trail back into a small cliffside tunnel. Where they were attacked by Frookins, small-green-goblinoids. In the escape attempt, Del … Continue reading Episode 14: What a Frooking Mess!
  • Chrysalis Creative Endeavors
    Allow us to introduce our newest sponsor, Chrysalis Creative Endeavors. This Denver based company is run by the husband and wife team of Corey and Traci. Both are educators in their days jobs and have a variety of creative endeavors they pursue in their free time including Professional Photography, Game Design, Educational Consulting, and Gaming … Continue reading Chrysalis Creative Endeavors
  • What Lurks In The Dark
    Sunday, Apr 18th, 9p ESTAs the group hurried over to the South Watch Tower, Del cunningly led the party into a secret basement of the Tower. Where the group met three other agents of Jinx. It was here that the party learned more about the Blak Flame: Agents of the God of Assassins. From amassing … Continue reading What Lurks In The Dark
  • Strange Days
    It has been an odd few days the past week or so. I finally perfected a few spells that I felt comfortable enough to use in front of the others, it is an odd feeling having this kind of power. Even more strange is being in an Agent hideout again. It’s been years since I … Continue reading Strange Days
  • Great Gooey Giveaway, Part 3
    Saturday, April 17th.  The 3rd and possibly final installment of the Great Gooey Giveaway that started with the Gen Con Spring Showcase and continued at GaryCon.  It will stream on https://www.twitch.tv/thegooeycube starting at 11AM Mountain.  You will need to be on Discord to join a team and possibly win Gooey goodies – https://discord.gg/6JfjJat Three of … Continue reading Great Gooey Giveaway, Part 3
  • Support Your Local Misfit
    Want to show the Misfit of your choice some extra love? Get a character tee! Now available through a DnD Fan Clothes special TableTop Misfits line. Hoodies, tank tops, mugs, phone cases and more also available as well as designs representing the whole group and Late Night Gooey Adventures.
  • What lies ahead?
    What lies ahead? This is the question I consider as I quickly pack then tell Decimus and Keres of Del’s leaving and my going with him. This is certainly not the first time I have headed into the unknown, unsure of what might wait for me out there. But this time I ride with companions. … Continue reading What lies ahead?
  • The Fabled Flame D20 Candle Day
    Through the generous donation of our sponsor The Fabled Flame, we are able to give away a D20 shaped candle once a month. That is happening this Sunday, April 11th, during our weekly stream at 9PM Eastern. Come join us for the adventure and chat as well and have a chance to win a free … Continue reading The Fabled Flame D20 Candle Day
  • Give a Little, Live a Little
    Be sure to check out our generous sponsors! They support our stream through give away donations and discounts to our viewers. MC Etching The Fabled Flame DnD Fan Clothes Gooey Cube And while we are on the subject, MC Etching will be running a charity stream on Twitch, April 16th at 3P Pacific to raise … Continue reading Give a Little, Live a Little
  • Well met, fellow traveler!
    Welcome to the world of Tabletop Misfits, not to be confused with the land of misfit toys. We are, instead, in the world of Zyathé, mostly. DM Grumpy Dwarf directs our paths and it is anyone’s guess what manner of chaos will ensue! We certainly never plan it that way, but even if we did, … Continue reading Well met, fellow traveler!

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