Who are the Tabletop Misfits? Primarily, we are an eclectic set of wanderers braving the wilds of Zyathé, and live streaming our adventure nearly every Sunday at 9PM Eastern on Twitch. We also occasionally foray into other realms as well as video games.

DMGrumpyDwarf – sometimes we call him James.

Average everyday man addicted to 1s and 0s but has a serious obsession with storytelling and TPKs running multiple fantasy TTRPGs weekly as the mastermind behind the adventure

Ividia aka Den Mom

Healthcare construction professional when not traipsing through Zyathé as the blood touched Aethyr known as Es’Xefer Vinsaan. Other endeavors include lots of Creating from Cosplay to Writing.


IT professional with too many hobbies, too little time, has a creative mind that lets it flow through role play and smashing heads in various games.


Matt (Del) is a veterinary technician by day and silver tounged Agent of Jinxx of Sunday evenings. Matt enjoys reading, writing, RPGs and telling dumb jokes with his friends. Del enjoys reading, writing, mixing poisons and telling dumb jokes with his friends.


Like most humans, my prime directive revolves around work, entertainment, and bonding with my fellow primates. Also I am not a robot. Further inquiry, not recommended.