Tavern Talks #27 – Organized Play

This week on Tavern Talks @thejoester joins hosts Corey and James to discussed Organized Play and what could make a great one.https://www.twitter.com/thejoester/https://www.tiktok.com/@dmjoester3dprintinghttps://www.instagram.com/the._joester/http://twitch.tv/tehjoesterhttps://www.twitter.com/thejoester/

Episode 30: The Beastly Battle

The transformation of Keres weighed heavily on the companions, giving rise to ill feelings between Decimus and Es’Xefer.  Del played peacemaker, as much as he was able.  And Es’Xefer and Za’atarn shared some deep conversation during the night.  But with the rising of the sun, they headed once more towards the camp of gnolls.  Surprising … Continue reading Episode 30: The Beastly Battle

Episode 29 of The Affordables

Coming up this Sunday - Episode 29 of The Affordables: Off to the Gnolls We Go!Expecting more Gnolls to descend on them having already dispatched two patrols, they take the time to fortify what little "high ground" they can find. Will they find sucess?Join us Sunday night - yes, that's Halloween - at 9PM Eastern … Continue reading Episode 29 of The Affordables