What lies ahead?

a path through the woods in black and white
Image by Ividia Kt © 2021

What lies ahead? This is the question I consider as I quickly pack then tell Decimus and Keres of Del’s leaving and my going with him. This is certainly not the first time I have headed into the unknown, unsure of what might wait for me out there. But this time I ride with companions. Together we will face whatever the road beyond has in store for us.

To tell it true, there are none other I would rather be side by side with. Del was the first one of the Troupe that I met when I first came to the Hanataz. It was difficult at the beginning. I had always know precisely what was expected of me and how to perform those duties, and the Hanataz are very different. They have become more than friends. They are family. Del, Decimus, and Keres have become my brothers, and I will do all that I can to see we make it through alive.

~Es’Xefer Vinsaan, formerly of the Silver Thread Troupe

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