Happy Anniversary, Misfittens

If you haven’t yet heard, we just celebrated our First Anniversary as an Adventuring Group. We want to give a great big shout out to GooeyCube ! It was their Wyrded World of Zyathé that brought us all together. We all came to the Goo via separate avenues, ended up connecting and gaming together over the last year. We’ve become friends and more than that, we’ve become family.

Our main campaign on Sunday nights, now known as The Affordables, has 30 episodes plus 2 Session 0s as we were settling into our characters.

Since then, we’ve expanded to include Tavern Talks on Wednesday nights and Misfits at the Movies every 3rd Friday night of the month.

Starting next week, we’ll also be adding Tuesday Night Misfits for your Tuesday evening entertainments. We have other plots and plans afoot and hope to bring those to fruition soon.

We also want to thank all our sponsors, fans, and subscribers who come hang out with us and encourage our antics.

Much Love from our Hearts to Yours!

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