Charity One Shot: Sword of the Yaave’

A sword surrounded by blue yellow flame on a dark blue background.  Imprinted over all are the words The Sword of the Yaave;

The Sword of the Yaave’, an ancient weapon that can cut its way through the very fabric of space and time and allow the bearer to shift between planes and worlds, has been rumored to lay in a crypt in the Jungles of Zinn. What secrets lie in the jungles waiting for those wishing to claim the sword’s power? Who will find it first? How will they channel it’s power?

Join us for this one-shot adventure set (loosely) in the World of Zyathé by Gooey Cube to support Game to Grow. We have some fun prizes to give away and we even have a couple of sponsors willing to match your donations. Tabletop Misfits Stream 11/17/21 at 7:00P Mountain on Twitch.

Save the date! November 17th

All Proceeds Benefit

Prizes include Blood Rage: Digital Edition, A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Digital Edition, Pandemic: The Board Game Digital Edition, Ticket to Ride: Digital Edition, Scythe: Digital Edition, and much more.

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