The Affordables 29 – Off to the Gnolls We Go

In an effort to save Keres’ life, Es’Xefer made a desperate bargain with a Fey.  Keres didn’t die, but he was changed … into something small and winged.  Being in dangerous territory, and missing other party members, they did not have time to figure it all out.  Meanwhile, new companion Za’atarn and Security Chief Lucas were faced with more enemies which the blood-touched dwarf dealt with swiftly. Reunited once more, but unsure what tact to take, the appearance of more Gnolls made the decision for them. Defeating those, they found a place to rest and prepare to face more of the beasts.  Will their fortifications hold or will they need to fight a running battle?  Find out on Episode 29 Off to the Gnolls We Go

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