Episode 28: What Happens in the Woods…

The party awoke to find the ranger Za’atarn within their ranks. He told the party he had a way to sneak into the gnoll camp. After deciding to split the party, Za’atarn, Essi, Del, and Lucas took a hidden path up the mountain while Keres, Decimus, and Kaitlyn trekked through the woods. As luck would have it, the latter group was ambushed by a giant Goruund with a magical horn. With the music, she took possession of Decimus, who unleashed his full fury on his friends. As he came to, Decimus was forced to face the reality of the harm he caused and hurried to save Keres’ life. How will Decimus move forward with this knowledge? Find out on episode 29 – What Happens in the Woods, Sunday 10/17 at 9P Eastern on Twitch.

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