Did not burn down the town….

Decimus got himself into trouble, again.

It was late, and we were tired but we headed out there anyway with a bit of guidance from Brent. There were a lot of goblins there. The lighting of fires this time was intentional, even if Keres nearly immolated himself. It was a hard fought battle, and Sir Andrew and the Darkenhaven guard arrived just in time. That orc creature… well, it was creepy, and not because it was an orc. Del finding that mark on it did not help matters.

We gathered up what valuables we could. Decimus’ stone maul was still there but everything else he had was gone. Drew lent us a horse to get the assorted goods back to town. Brent bought us a room – yes, only one – for the night, and we all collapsed. We were so exhausted.

The next morning, Drew provided an amble breakfast that should have pleased everyone, but Decimus is in some kind of funk. Keres is going to try to talk him out of it or at least find out what is going on with him. And the wagon is back with its humongous iron wheels. I think this town would no mind seeing us come back through again someday.

In the meantime, we are heading towards Shuggenshire, and with Kizmya’s favor, will be there and settled indoors once the Day of Ruin is upon us.


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