Episode 19: Dark Days Ahead

As the party executed their plan to save Decimus, Es’Xefer fired off her bolts setting ablaze the goblin tents, while Keres fumbled about and lit his make-shift bombs forcing him to throw away his gifted weapons. Yet, after a hard fought battle and help from the Darkenhaven guards, the party prevailed! Upon investigating Decimus’ captors, A familiar mark was found on the dead Orc; the same mark they found on the Cave dweller in the mines. How are they connected? Are these marked ones connected to the Solfling from Tothenshire? What horrors await on the looming Day of Ruin?

Airing June 20th, 9PM Eastern on Twitch.TV.

Image from https://www.e-know.ca/regions/east-kootenay/in-search-of-a-blood-red-moon/

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