Decimus’ Thoughts

After having dealt with crazy chest bursting spiders at the local horse breeder I finally got time to lay down and rest my aching muscles. I awoke in a cold and snowy place that I was unfamiliar with. Essy and Keres were with me but we couldn’t find Del anywhere. There was an endless chasm with an old rope bridge to cross which I nearly died trying to walk across and I heard Del laughing at me, the bastard. After we made it across the bridge we saw carts and tents ablaze, blood splattered across the ground, and unconscious bodies everywhere. The three of us searched for survivors but none were found in what remained of this campsite. We followed tracks off into the woods only to hear the sound of children being kidnapped so obviously I had to get to the noise as soon as possible. We ran into a group of gnolls that were dragging away members of the Blue Veil Troupe. They had us outnumbered and hurt quite a bit but we couldn’t just let them get away with this so the three of us fought relentlessly. Once they were defeated we tried to save the lives of these people but all we heard was Del’s damn laughter like he was playing some stupid mind trick on us. As we try to figure out why all these people we just saved were disappearing we got swept off our feet and sucked into some empty void only to awake back at the Inn thoroughly confused. After we spoke about our weird experience we grabbed lunch and I saw some dickhead roughing up my man Kensworth which obviously I would not stand for. Some idiots from Darkenhaven that think they can just beat commoners for things out of their control. I stood up for our new friend, Kensworth, in which I was attacked by these unlawful “lawmen” unprovoked. All I asked was that they treat the people of Beebenshire with some respect and this man, not Fred, didn’t even have the balls to hit me himself and just had his lackeys shoot me crossbows like the pussy’s they are. I should have picked him up by his collar like he did Kensworth and leave it at that…..


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