Well met, fellow traveler!

Welcome to the world of Tabletop Misfits, not to be confused with the land of misfit toys. We are, instead, in the world of Zyathé, mostly.

DM Grumpy Dwarf directs our paths and it is anyone’s guess what manner of chaos will ensue! We certainly never plan it that way, but even if we did, we all know plans go astray.

We started this crazy adventure together late last November. Our motely group includes the blood touched human Agent of Jinxx, Del’aer Vesanti, the blood touched Aethyrian Spelldancer Es’Xefer Vinsaan, the Oradrin (half orc/half elf) Cleric of Condruze Keres of Anthropos, and the half Goruund Barbarian Decimus.

If these types of people do not seem familiar to you, fear not! We shall share with you from whence they come! You can journey over to the world of Goo at Gooey Cube and discover the Wy’rded World of Zyathé which is a rich and varied world and growing more so all the time.

We hope you’ll come join us, and, if you miss a steam, we do post the recordings to YouTube.

Links to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages are also on the right.

And may the dice roll ever in your favor!

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