Episode 14: What a Frooking Mess!

After decimating a zombie horde in the basement of the Watch Tour, the party took off towards Beebenshire. On the way, they found a broken wagon, with footprints leading away. Without a care, they followed the trail back into a small cliffside tunnel. Where they were attacked by Frookins, small-green-goblinoids. In the escape attempt, Del … Continue reading Episode 14: What a Frooking Mess!

Chrysalis Creative Endeavors

Allow us to introduce our newest sponsor, Chrysalis Creative Endeavors. This Denver based company is run by the husband and wife team of Corey and Traci. Both are educators in their days jobs and have a variety of creative endeavors they pursue in their free time including Professional Photography, Game Design, Educational Consulting, and Gaming … Continue reading Chrysalis Creative Endeavors

What Lurks In The Dark

Sunday, Apr 18th, 9p ESTAs the group hurried over to the South Watch Tower, Del cunningly led the party into a secret basement of the Tower. Where the group met three other agents of Jinx. It was here that the party learned more about the Blak Flame: Agents of the God of Assassins. From amassing … Continue reading What Lurks In The Dark

Great Gooey Giveaway, Part 3

Saturday, April 17th.  The 3rd and possibly final installment of the Great Gooey Giveaway that started with the Gen Con Spring Showcase and continued at GaryCon.  It will stream on https://www.twitch.tv/thegooeycube starting at 11AM Mountain.  You will need to be on Discord to join a team and possibly win Gooey goodies - https://discord.gg/6JfjJat Three of … Continue reading Great Gooey Giveaway, Part 3

The Fabled Flame D20 Candle Day

Through the generous donation of our sponsor The Fabled Flame, we are able to give away a D20 shaped candle once a month. That is happening this Sunday, April 11th, during our weekly stream at 9PM Eastern. Come join us for the adventure and chat as well and have a chance to win a free … Continue reading The Fabled Flame D20 Candle Day

Give a Little, Live a Little

Be sure to check out our generous sponsors! They support our stream through give away donations and discounts to our viewers. MC EtchingThe Fabled FlameDnD Fan ClothesGooey Cube And while we are on the subject, MC Etching will be running a charity stream on Twitch, April 16th at 3P Pacific to raise funds for AAPI.